Business Continuity

Business Continuity is the ability of an organization to resume its operation to a predetermined acceptable level of operation within a predetermined acceptable time period.
Every organization is bound to face at one point a disruption – an incident that would lead to an unavailability of service for a period of time. For the business to survive even after a disruption, it is crucial to be prepared.
In order to help organizations be prepared against disruptions and to ensure that their business will continue even after one, we offer Business Continuity Services that include:
  • Gap Analysis against all well known national and international standards
  • Business Impact Analysis workshops
  • Risk Assessment workshops
  • Customized trainings and workshops
  • Preparedness campaigns
  • Proposals for the implementation of measures
  • Design and implementation of procedures and documents
  • Design, implementation of ISO 22301 compliant systems
  • Internal Audits
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