Cyber Security

Although there are many definitions regarding Cyber Security, all of them converge to the fact that information and interconnected systems need to be protected against threats from the external environment. Against public belief Cyber attacks are not something seen only in action movies or a rare occurrence as reported in the news. 
Cyberattacks, as depicted also in the following live graph, are constant and the threat ever growing. The average number of security breaches has risen by 11% from 2017 [Reference:NINTH ANNUAL COST OF CYBERCRIME STUDY, Accenture] with an estimated average cost of cybercrime reaching 13.0 million (+12% rise from 2017).
Organizations need to identify the threat and get organized. Our cyber security preparedness services include:
  • Technical assessment of the current conditions of the organization
  • Identification of existing measures
  • Proposal for mitigation mechanisms
  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Security awareness trainings
  • Penetration Testing
  • Verification of actions taken
  • Social engineering workshops and campaigns 
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