Service Management 

Service is defined as the means of delivering value for the customer by facilitating outcomes the customer wants to achieve. [Reference: ISO 20000-1]. This means that a service is not just a way for companies to create revenue. In order for this revenue to be sustainable, the internal and external requirements have to be identified and system has to be constructed so that these requirements are fulfilled, the customers are satisfied, the service is running to an acceptable level for the organization and the customer and the organization is sustainable. Our services in the area of service management include:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Customized trainings and workshops
  • Preparedness campaigns
  • Proposals for the implementation of measures
  • Design and implementation of procedures and documents
  • Design, implementation of ISO 20000-1:2018 compliant systems
  • Internal Audits
  • Gap Analysis against all well known national and international standards
  • Proposals for the configuration management and the construction of the CMDB
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