Experienced, Trusted, Dedicated Company

With more than 25 years of combined experience, APIROPLUS Solutions, provides holistic, innovative and reliable consulting and training services in the fields of Information Security, Cybersecurity, IT Service Management, Digital Transformation, Security Assessments, Penetration tests and Compliance audits.

APIROPLUS Solutions implements a unique solution based on a Capability Maturity Model to assess the security posture of an organization, identify and quantify the relevant risks and propose treatment actions.

With over 2000 audits and assessments in the field of security, APIROPLUS Solutions has a vast knowledge of the industry and the strengths and weaknesses of the organizations in relation to Information and Cybersecurity.

APIROPLUS Solutions, is the trusted partner of several organizations (in Cyprus and abroad) and has already supported a member state in subjects related to the implementation of a monitoring and assessment mechanism of the NIS Directive.

APIROPLUS Solutions, provides practical, expert and innovative trainings in the field of Information Security and Cybersecurity, bridging theory with practice through interactive exercises.

The members of the APIROPLUS Solutions company, have a unique combination of skills combining:

  • the experience of certification (leading information security certifications for more than 10 years each)
  • the hands on experience of implementers,
  • the experience of leading international projects,
  • the deep knowledge of the needs of the market and
  • the knowledge regarding education, training and certification of skills.
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